Chaco Road

January 27, 2008

Chaco Resources: Friends of Chaco, Chaco Alliance

More Chaco resources: Both Friends of Chaco and Chaco Alliance are organizations dedicated to preserving and supporting Chaco Canyon.


Friends of Chaco. A 501(c)(3) corporation to help and support Chaco. Anyone can become a member. Federal budgets are slim these days, and membership helps to support programs and volunteers that are essential to the park's wellbeing.

Check out the photos of Chaco in the snow and the flowing wash and flowers from the rains!

Chaco Alliance. "The Chaco Alliance is a grass roots citizens' group dedicated to preserving and protecting Chaco Culture National Historical Park. Although our primary focus at this time is to stop the paving of the road into Chaco, we are interested in all threats posed to the canyon, including those posed by energy exploration in the area."

Dsc_4831 More about the efforts to pave the road in future posts. See the photo to get an idea of what both roads look like. In short, the wonderful character and accessibility of Chaco sites would change drastically if the 20-mile dirt road coming in from the north is paved.

And that would make many of us very sad.

So I encourage you to get involved in preserving Chaco, if you feel moved to do so.