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June 22, 2008


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Hi Steve,

I am so happy that you stopped by to comment - especially since I didn't get to see you again after you introduced yourself at the Casa Rinconada sunrise!

You absolutely made my day and week by letting me know you had read my blog, and that it made a difference for you!

I had someone else come and introduce themselves to me on solstice morning as well!

You are why I do this ... :-)

I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay at Chaco. Did you get to see the dancers on solstice? Now that I am back in town, I'll be posting more photos.

Do keep checking back. Feel free to send an email my way (see email link in the right column of the blog), or otherwise keep in touch, ask questions, etc....

Chaco greetings,

It was nice meeting you on solstice :) I said hello to you as the sun rose at Casa Riconada.

Thanks again for keeping such a wonderful blog on such a wonderful location!

Take care,


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