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January 27, 2008


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Hi John,
I'm so happy you and your wife find Chaco to be a favorite of yours. It certainly is near and dear to my heart.

I appreciate your thoughtful comment regarding the Chaco Road. You are absolutely right. The road adds to the Chaco experience, and also ensures that those who make the drive truly want to be there. The key is to be fully aware when driving it, and to drive at the appropriate speed for the conditions. And it forces us to slow down and increase our awareness and appreciation of our surroundings, in preparation for our time at Chaco - how perfect.

I will continue to do my part (along with the Chaco Alliance) to try to prevent the paving. A paved road would create a very different experience because of increased visitation and its consequences. Check the Chaco Alliance web site for updates, and I will post updates here as well.

Thanks again, and perhaps we will meet at Chaco one day!

My wife and I recently visited the beautiful state of New Mexico. Or favorite place was Chaco Canyon. We are definitely against paving the road to Chaco. I lived in rural Northern California for years and the present road to Chaco is in excellent condition compared to the mountain roads people use every day in N. Calif. The only reason some people (other than commercial developers) want to pave it is that the generally straight nature of the road encourages people to drive at excessive speeds. Then they are disappointed when they encounter a section of "washboard" or a pothole. We drove at a very moderate, comfortable pace and enjoyed every minute. The unpaved character of the road was an important part of the overall experience of a "journey into history" which is what National Historical Parks are all about. Please use all of your influence to prevent paving the road. Preserve this very important part of every visitor's "journey into

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